Dacon Europe A/S is a Danish company with products within the yacht industry, as well as the professional shipping. We are specialists in electronics, boat heating and safety at sea. Our products are characterized being of the high end of quality but of course by reasonable prices. Dacon Europe A/S was start up in 1989 with its own design and production of inflatable boats in South Korea. The background was a market controlled by very few players and perhaps therefore had some very high prices. Through our production in South Korea, we were able to produce some inflatables in a similarly high quality, but in a quite different level.
A hard competition from several bigger outboard brands (some one we also supplied), we find the time right to stop our production in 1995, because the outboards companies more or less not was specially interesting to get a fair profit for boat part in those full packages they did sold in the market.
Today, however, we can still look forward to seeing our inflatables on the water from the first productions in 1989. In the following years, we co-operate with ARIMAR in Italy and PLASTIMAR from AUX Marine until they also stopped the production in Italy. In 2009, we again had the opportunity to start up a production of inflatable boats from a manufacturer in China and we still get our boats, but only for the Danish market. In 1996 we expanded our range og product also to the electronic market such as GPS receivers from Micrologic in USA and MLR (later Margellan) in France, chart plotters from Navionics and our still well-known Dacon battery chargers made for us in France. Our customer segment is primarily to the boat chandlers and boat builder yards in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but also Sweden and Norway are expanding markets. Today, we represent a wide range of strong products from a wide range of reputable manufacturers as you find in under the menu Agencies