At Sterling Power we value simplicity, transparency and power. We understand that when it comes to installing an off-grid power system on your boat, RV or installation you don’t want to have to stress about calling out a specialist for a four hour install when you’ve already invested in your passion project.

Our products are made to do the job reliably and continually and to be as simple as plug and play- but that’s not to say our units are not clever. Sterling Power leads the market when it comes to bespoke and customisable voltage options and will be the system of choice for individuals and clients that seek high power and perfect care for their system.

Established in the Midlands the company has always sought to be on the knife-edge of power distribution technology and our ability to continually integrate our innovations to our end-products ensures that we remain competitive.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our service. Our phone and email lines are manned by staff who are passionate about the company’s progression and excited at the prospect of developing strong, supportive relations with all of our clients when and where they need.